Vermantia CONNECT content, including Virtuals, Live sports & races and Instant - Win games, is available for all channels, Retail, Online and Mobile and is delivered with the optimum for each operator solution, from satellite broadcasting to streaming and in-shop rendering or any of these three combinations when serving different channels.

Satellite broadcasting solution is the preferred choice for most of our clients. Vermantia utilizes the leading satellite providers and innovates with Vermantia POINT, its 4th generation STB, supporting multiple TV monitors, with different content, within retail shop. Vermantia maintains a 24/7/365 broadcast headend, serving more than 25,000 points of sale with 99,9 % no time & disaster recovery sites.  Vermantia Satellite service is ideal for medium to large networks due to its minimal latency, full scalability, as new shops can be served immediately and its flexibility, as more TV sets can be deployed effortlessly. Vermantia’s centralized content management can offer new sports and game content as well as services with minimum intervention at the retail network.

Key characteristics:

  • Worldwide satellite service coverage
  • Secure encryption (DVB-CA)
  • Service along with encryption is delivered via fiber optic lines to a teleport and uplinked through satellite
  • Fiber optic lines are fully redundant
  • 24/7/365 quality control through Vermantia’s Master Control Room

“Vermantia STREAM” is part of Vermantia’s market-leading broadcast solutions and retail services. “STREAM” is a new state-of-the-art streaming solution over IPTV and OTT, addressing various media platforms and networks on retail, online and mobile. We manage through this solution to deliver any type of content, anywhere, enabling scalable, low latency streaming for both retail and online audiences. With “Vermantia STREAM”, our content portfolio is guaranteed an omni-channel delivery to its partners, who continuously strive to unify the digital and physical experiences of their customers.