Vermantia eSPORTS

Vermantia eSPORTS is an all-inclusive 24/7 eSPORTS betting solution for all channels (retail, online, mobile), addressing from enthusiastic gamers to sportsbook players alike. The solution is initially based on CS:GO events, utilizing a vast quantity of data, statistics and results from more than 1,000,000 games per month to create a broad range of tailored bet markets and odds, adaptable to any regulatory framework. The betting events vary from highlights of top quality CS:GO games, to bespoke live tournaments between professional teams, tailored for the needs of each operator. Through this solution, Vermantia is uniquely positioned to offer both pre-game betting on eSports, with hundreds of betting opportunities per day, as well as live betting on high-profile special tournaments organized for its customers. Vermantia eSPORTS is powered by CONNECT, Vermantia’s unique multi-vendor, multi-content platform.
  • True 24/7 betting on eSPORTS
  • Hundreds of betting events per day
  • Unique and tailored bet markets
  • Both online and offline games
  • Configurable daily schedule