“Vermantia TOUCH”, offered as premium part of Vermantia’s retail solutions, provides televised gaming content combined with data and statistics on player’s mobile device. “Vermantia TOUCH” maximizes player’s convenience, providing complete pre and post-gaming betting data and video content on player’s mobile device. Players may also prepare their betting slip through their own device using a QR code. Transaction completion is performed on retailer’s counter.
Top Up to play by scanning simply a QR code
Choose between football or other sports
Check all betting markets
Prepare your betslip
Scan QR to place bet
Play amazing instant win games while waiting for the results
  • No registration required – User remains anonymous
  • Native application (IOS, Android)
  • The application’s content may be enabled both within the shop via bluetooth proximity enabling devices (beacons) or everywhere depending on the jurisdiction
  • Cash-in/out is done by the retailer using QR code vouchers
  • Paperless operation