Ultra-Low Latency Streaming
The thrill of live action with less than one second latency
1 7
The best of Virtual Greyhound Racing
...as Real as it Gets!
2 7
Virtual Games
A unique collection of Virtual Games
3 7
Vermantia CONNECT
One-stop-shop content management and publishing platform
4 7
Live Sports Channel
A live betting enabler
5 7
Remodeling the customer Journey
6 7
Live Racing Channels
Round-the-clock live horse and greyhound racing, 365 days a year
7 7
Best in class
omni-channel delivery
for fastest time to market
IP Stream
Live action with less than one second latency
Satellite Broadcasting
Worldwide satellite coverage
Channel Production
Automate the process of complex channel production
Content Management System
Take control of content display in retail
A one-stop-shop
for betting content
90 ,000+
Live Racing Events
35 ,000+
Live Sports Events
40 ,000+
Vermantia STBs
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with our latest news!
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Vermantia signs content deal with Caspian Tech

Vermantia signs content deal with Caspian Tech

Don’t look back: Why betting expectations are changing at breakneck speed

I remember scenes from my favourite TV series where placing a bet with pen and paper from the backstreets was a love affair for the sports bettor, writes our Commercial Director Spyros Stavropoulos for SBC News. But can these fond memories actually cloud our judgement when it comes to new…

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