Apply different gaming apps on existing or new terminals with our Hardware Abstraction Layer
Hardware Abstraction Layer middleware product by Vermantia

Powerful HAL middleware

Our HAL middleware product is able to cross connect multiple applications from different vendors – all shared into new or existing hardware in an heterogeneous field.

Comprising Hardware and Software agnostic middleware for adopting games and players payment/participation methods, we offer V-HAL on any third party terminals the operator may utilise.


  • Hardware and Software agnostic, serving and expanding operators’ gaming content
  • Bundled with SBBTs, bridging current operators’ games with new games
  • Supporting any type of Playslip scanners (A4 and A6), any printer, barcode reader, card reader, POS for bank cards, NFC, etc.
Hardware Abstraction Layer by Vermantia
Hardware Abstraction Layer by Vermantia
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