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Vermantia: Pioneer of high-impact solutions and innovations in the gaming and betting industry

In this interview, Director of Business Development, Renato Rossi who is celebrating 20 years in the Gaming industry this year, highlights Vermantia’s commitment to providing top-notch services to its customers around the world.Vermantia, a global leader in providing tailored content solutions for gaming and betting operators, started 2023 with a…

Menelaos Ladopoulos: Vermantia leading the way on innovation and customer service

Menelaos Ladopoulos marks his promotion from Technical Director to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Vermantia by telling SBC News about his new role and what lotteries, gaming and betting operators can expect from the specialist content solutions supplier in the near future. In the interview, the newly-appointed CTO discusses…

Vermantia’s George Fotopoulos: diversified content is critical to right product mix


Vermantia: How to select the right technology partner

Selecting the right technology partner is one of the biggest decisions facing any sports betting operator, with cost, functionality, speed, service and user experience all competing to be the key factor in the final choice. George Fotopoulos, COO of Vermantia, tells SBC News what to consider when making the decision and explains why…

Renato Rossi, Vermantia: Revolutionising the retail experience

Vermantia’s Vision NextGen will revolutionize the way retail shops operate, according to Renato Rossi, with the technology combining “all the technological advancements and state-of-the-art back office together”. This, he explained, will give operators complete control over their own data. Having joined Vermantia as its Director of Business Development last month,…
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Vermantia’s Vision NextGen: A developmental balancing act

Vermantia’s latest content delivery solution, Vision NextGen, provides a one plug-and-play box with the ability to connect on two screens and differentiate the material it presents on each screen. Menelaos Ladopoulos, Vermantia’s Technical Director, sits down with G3 Magazine to explain how a pioneering solution is born – from…
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Spotlight on Africa – A bright future

In a special feature on Africa, iNTERGAMINGi spoke to Spyros Stavropoulos, our Commercial Director along with two other key industry suppliers, who can see a natural development in this vibrant market and are looking to take advantage of its potential.   The African market is an exciting and diverse…
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Tackling the challenges of the Italian betting market

In light of SBC Digital Italy 2021, which is only 2 days away, our COO George Fotopoulos talked with SBC News about the emerging challenges along with opportunities that arise in the Italian betting landscape. What are you looking forward to at SBC Digital Italy 2021? Getting together with other industry…
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The power of 5G streaming: Driving the new age of betting

The magic of live streaming is in the power it has to make people feel involved – and subsequently more engaged – with the betting experience, said Vermantia technical director Menelaos Ladopoulos. But what came first – the thirst from players for faster, more reliable live streams? Or the…
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Spotlight on Africa

INTERGAMINGi talks to Spyros Stavropoulos, our Commercial Director along with other industry’s in-the-know suppliers about the particular challenges they face in realising the great potential across the continent. The penetration of mobile phones in Africa has increased hugely in…
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Decoding the customer engagement enigma

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