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Vermantia top management committed to treating information security management issues with the same responsibility and importance which address the entire business operations by delivering content for the Media and Gaming industries on a worldwide scale. We strongly believe that in this way we maximize the benefit from the operation of the business, for our customers, our employees, and our shareholders.


We are committed to support the implementation of information security management processes promising to conserve the following objectives:

  • To protect the organisation’s business information and any customer or partner information within its custody by safeguarding its confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • To establish measures to protect the organisation’s information resources from theft, abuse, misuse and any damage.
  • To establish responsibility and accountability for Information Security in the organisation.
  • To encourage management and staff to maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge and skill to allow them to minimise the occurrence and severity of Information Security incidents.
  • To ensure that the organisation is able to continue its commercial activities in the event of significant Information Security incidents.
  • To ensure any stakeholder that the organization comply with normative and legislative requirements.


We intend to realize our commitment to following the principles of prevention and protection in accordance with the law and with the requirements arising from the wider framework developed by the organization’s risk management and strategic importance, and through the publication of our actions and continuous improvement of our performance in the areas of Information Security.


This continuous effort made by the monitoring and implementation of high technologies and international practices, defining objectives and criteria which shall be continuous assessment of the risk level, the implementation of treatment programs and information, education and participation of workers in information security management system.


By seeking ways to improve the methods implemented information security management, will help us to protect constantly getting information more effectively managed. We will always keep our customers, employees and shareholders informed for the improvement of our actions.


Top Management gives its full support and maximum priority in Information Security Management System, which will be reviewed systematically so that it is always aligned with the standards set.




Vermantia established in 2007, is a leader in omni-channel content solutions for lotteries, gaming & betting operators worldwide as per below:

“Design, Production and Support of Digital Audio/Visual Services Content and Applications for Lottaries, Gaming and Betting Operators”.

Our vision is full and ultimate satisfaction of our customers maintaining long-term and mutually benefiting relationship along them.

VERMANTIA is governed by the following core values:


  1. Integrity and honesty in relations within the organization as well as with our customers
  2. Quality and efficiency in everything we do.
  3. Team spirit, synergy and contribution in all levels
  4. Achieve organization’s goals and customers’ objectives
  5. Management commitment regarding to intellectual property protection
  6. Continues learning and improvement

Our objectives are:

  1. Effective planning and management of audiovisual content projects entrusted to us by customers
  2. Efficient and effective implementation and monitoring of projects we undertake
  3. The continuous improvement of the quality of services we provide


Requirements to achieve our objectives:


  1. Full satisfaction of customer requirements
  2. Comply with Normative and Legislative requirements
  3. Fulfillment of contractual obligations during project realization
  4. Following corporate policies, regulations and procedures
  5. Transparency of financial transactions and effective monitoring of capital
  6. Continuous monitoring and information about market developments
  7. Continuous learning and human resources development
  8. Procurement and use of high technology infrastructure
  9. Continuous improvement in quality system effectiveness


All organization’s members, management and employees, are committed to the above, in order to ensure that the name of VERMANTIA will continue to be synonymous with high quality in providing communication services in audiovisual gaming and entertainment.

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