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Complex channel production: fully automated
Channel Production by Vermantia

Channel Production

We pride ourselves in the production of bespoke channels across all content – live sports, live racing and virtual.

Powered by our proprietary platform we automate the process of complex channel production and the scheduling of different event in any channel playout, while enabling a seamless integration with any bet acceptance system the operator may utilise. We aggregate and localize picture content and data from one or multiple vendors onto bespoke channels that meet each customer’s and market’s requirements.

Our integrated omni-channel support ensures fast delivery through our satellite broadcasting and ultra-low latency streaming. Our solutions are fully flexible, combining distribution and content management which are tailored to each client’s requirements and delivered according to their infrastructure.

All our channels are fully redundant, while also operating with a primary and back-up system at all levels. Utilising market-proven technologies and the latest broadcast equipment we ensure operators that we provide a fully automated 24/7 monitoring service. From public to private internet, to all retail, online and mobile audiences, we are able to deliver our betting channels in any way required, enabling increased betting turnover and players’ engagement.




Live Sports and Live Racing Channel Production
Live Sports and Live Racing Channel Production
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