Market - leading satellite broadcasting
Worldwide satellite coverage
Satellite Broadcasting by Vermantia

Worldwide satellite coverage

Our satellite service offers a wide range of solutions via our operating satellite network and capacity, adopting the very latest in broadcasting technology.

We provide cost effective, scalable solutions globally to meet any customers’ needs and demands. Ideal for medium to large networks with minimal latency and full scalability, new retail shops can be served immediately with minimum intervention at the retail network. Our premium content is encoded, encrypted and delivered through next generation plug n play set top boxes in maximum picture quality with minimum bandwidth requirements.

Our service supports advanced features, including localised content, bespoke graphics as well as remote management.


  • Worldwide satellite coverage
  • High efficiency video coding (H.265) for maximum quality at minimum bandwidth
  • 24/7 playout monitoring sevice and SLA
  • Latest generation STBs with advanced features
Satellite Broadcasting by Vermantia
Satellite Broadcasting by Vermantia

Hybrid Distribution

Our hybrid approach consists of field proven full HD compact device, enabling simultaneous satellite and streaming broadcast methods.

Satellite Streaming Broadcasting through full HD compact device
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