Live Sports Channel
A live betting enabler
Live Sports Channel Production by Vermantia

Bespoke Live Sports Channel

We provide operators with a customized Live Sports Channel offering, created according to each specific requirements, from channel content and delivery to design and branding.

Our bespoke channel offering is based upon the aggregation of numerous top-quality live events with a strong betting value, on a proper daily schedule, in combination with relevant statistics for each event and live odds. With over 35,000 live events per year, we offer a full combination that can be implemented in any way required.

Live Sports Channel
End-to-end solution

Live Sports Channel


  • Bespoke betting TV production
  • Unique combination of live content, live statistics and operator’s betting odds
  • Local language live commentary
  • Bespoke design
  • Incorporation of real-time data feeds
  • Real-time odds overlay
  • Flexible and automated prioritization of events powered by our platform
  • Picture-in-picture mode to never miss the action
  • Ticker functionality for instant messaging
  • Delivered through Vermantia’s advanced distribution technology
Customized Live Sports Channel Offering

End-to-end solution

Stay ahead of the competition with premium live sports content, aggregated via our platform and delivered seamlessly to retail shops across the world.

Live Sports Channel Production by Vermantia
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