Vermantia CONNECT
One-stop-shop content management and publishing platform


Our premium, industry leading content is orchestrated via our proprietary CONNECT platform.

Offering a seamless integration between operators and content or service providers, CONNECT delivers the widest premium content available in the industry from the best international Live Racing and Sports to more than 25 unique Virtual Sports as well as NextGen games.

Our service is bespoke: we create the ideal product mix to adapt to the market’s ever-changing needs, automating the process of complex channels production and the scheduling of different games and events in any channel playout.

Extending from providing bespoke channels with virtual sports, live sports and live races, CONNECT enables a seamless integration with any bet acceptance system the operator may utilize, offers integrated omni-channel support and powers delivery through our market- leading satellite broadcasting and ultra-low latency streaming.

Connect Modules

Empower your live racing, sports and virtual betting channels

Playout Software License

Video Management

Adaptive Data Service

Virtual Games Product Mix

Playout Software License
  • SaaS: live racing and sports channels management
  • Fully bespoke and automated schedule
  • Multi-level prioritisation
  • Automatic correlation of data and video feeds by multiple providers
  • Ability to add data layers with real time statistics & results
Video Management
  • Rearrange your content in every possible way
  • Unique combination of up to 4 events simultaneously
  • Customised branding
  • Advertisement and promotion features
Adaptive Data Service
  • Correlation of unrelated data from different feeds
  • Ingestion, aggregation and distribution of data feeds
  • Bespoke and unified data schemes
  • Real time push updates
  • Dynamic data screens
  • Detailed daily racecards
Virtual Games Product Mix
  • Universal event scheduler to manage and schedule events – from several providers to multiple channel productions
  • Aggregation, customisation, production and delivery of the final virtual games video feeds
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