A one-stop shop content management & publishing platform
The premium content offered by Vermantia follows a solid delivery process being orchestrated by Vermantia CONNECT. Vermantia CONNECT constitutes the company’s proprietary platform, offering a seamless integration between operators and content or service providers. As a multi-vendor, multi-content platform, CONNECT delivers the widest premium content available in the industry comprising of more than 25 unique Virtual Sports, the best international Live Sports and Racing events as well as Instant Win Games. Vermantia ensures that operators can always create the right games and product mix to adapt to ever changing market needs, while a single API and a single Universal Scheduler, automating the process of complex channels production and the scheduling of different games and events in any channel playout. CONNECT extending from providing bespoke virtual sports, live sports and live races, enables a seamless integration with any bet acceptance system the operator may utilize, has integrated omni-channel support and powers delivery through Vermantia’s market-leading satellite broadcasting and ultra-low latency streaming.
  • Easy Aggregation of Sports & Racing Event Feeds, Market Feeds, Information Services, Video Streams and 3rd Party Games under one unique and standard platform
  • Seamless integration with any bet acceptance system
  • Restful API for content providers to deploy their whole product portfolio with a single integration while retaining their game logic within their own systems
  • Single interface for operators to access, combine and schedule top quality content from multiple vendors and different product verticals
  • Flexible delivery through Vermantia’s market leading satellite broadcasting and streaming solutions
  • Powerful logging, reporting and financial monitoring capabilities
  • Single gate to gain access to high quality gaming content
  • Great operational efficiencies by using a single universal scheduler
  • Quick and efficient way to add new content and adapt to ever changing market needs
  • Stateless architecture that allows both horizontal and vertical scaling in response to load
  • Secure logging of financial data for conciliation and auditing purposes
  • Powerful reporting system provides access to statistical and transactional data
  • Independent and trusted interface between Operators and Content providers