Vermantia VISION is a next generation content management and display system, utilizing cloud based web technologies, providing betting shops operators with high quality content management and display features through any number of TVs within betting shops. VISION combines live content with data templates, in various formats, sizes, shapes and orientations, in single, multi-view screens and video walls. Taking advantage of cutting-edge and market proven technologies available in the new era of Digital Signage,  VISION offers maximum infotainment and game content appeal.

  • Real time delivery, supporting any type of content
  • User friendly management environment, enabling synthesis and layout of the screens’ display
  • Superb video display and graphics, 4K quality support
  • Display flexibility to adapt any type of content
  • Powered by Vermantia CONNECT platform
  • Central system Agnostic
  • Full field control
  • Best of breed technology
  • Maximization of player engagement with high-quality content
  • HQ betting content, promotions and advertisements
  • Fast customization and localization
  • Accommodate better operators’ prime product